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Rugby in the 13th National Games

2022-06-25 01:26American Japanese football collision
Summary: Which team won the gold medal of rugby men and women in the 13th National GamesOn August 20, on the eve of the official opening of the 13th National Games, the final stage of the seven-a-side rugby wa
Which team won the gold medal of rugby men and women in the 13th National Games
On August 20, on the eve of the official opening of the 13th National Games, the final stage of the seven-a-side rugby was the first to start at the olive stadium in Tianjin Tuanbo Sports Center, with more than 160 athletes participating. Finally, the Shandong men's team defeated the host Tianjin men's team 33:7, and the Shandong women's team defeated the Jiangsu women's team 33:0What events are there in the National Games
The 14th National Games in 2021 will be held in Shaanxi. There are 34 events, which are as follows: extreme sports: skateboarding, surfing endurance: swimming (freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly, Medley) water sports: kayaking (still water kayaking, slalom kayaking)What events are there in the National Games
The National Games is the highest level and largest comprehensive Games in China. Except for martial arts, the National Games are basically the same as the Olympic Games. Its original intention is to train new people and select talents for Rugby in the 13th National Gamesthe National Olympic strategy. The National Games are held every four years, usually around the Olympic year. The first nine national games were held in BeijingHow about the three major ball games of the 13th National Games
Xinhua news agency, Tianjin, August 27 - the 13th National Games opened in Tianjin on the 27th. There were 33 major events and 417 minor events in this national games, with a total of about 10200 athlRugby in the 13th National Gamesetes participating. Among them, synchronized swimming, tennis, judo, track and field marathon and other events have been completed. To encourage cities to make more contributions to the development of footballAre there 58 foreign referees in the National Games
This is not a cross talk show in Tianjin, nor a talk show, but a great sight in the National Games. Maybe you will mistakenly think that this is an international competition. In fact, this is a real high-level domestic competition. The reporter learned from the interview that 58 foreign referees were invited to enforce the law in this national games, involving rugby and handballWhat is the host city and time of the previous National Games
On August 16, 2011, Tianjin successfully won the right to host the 13th National Games. After the central government cancelled the monopoly of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong, Tianjin became the fourth province to host the National Games after Jiangsu, Shandong and LiaoningHost sites of all previous National Games
The 9th National Games: from November 11 to November 25, 2001 in Guangdong; The 10th National Games: from October 12 to October 23, 2005; The 11th National Games: from October 16 to October 28, 2009 in Jinan, Shandong Province; The 12th National Games: from August 31 to September 12, 2013 in Liaoning; The 13th National Games: TianjinIs there a football match in the National Games
Events: track and field, archery, fencing, swimming, rowing, kayaking, badminton, basketball, boxing, equestrian, fooRugby in the 13th National Gamestball, gymnastics, handball, windsurfing, judo, tennis, volleyball, weightlifting, wrestling, shooting, hockey, baseball, softballWhen does the National Games begin
The 13th National Games in 2017 was held in Tianjin. At present, the Organizing Committee of the National Games has not announced the schedule. You can refer to the schedule of the 12th National Games held in ShRugby in the 13th National Gamesenyang, Liaoning Province: from August 31 to September 12, 2013What are the National Games
There are competitions in the National Games: swimming (diving, water polo, synchronized swimming), archery, track and field, badminton, baseball, basketball, boxing, kayaking (slalom), cycling, equestrian, fencing, football, golf, gymnastics (rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline), handball, hockey, judo, modern pentathlon, rowing, rugby, sailing
Rugby in the 13th National Games

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