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Football video collision

Red eye mecha football and a big move

2022-06-26 12:03Football video collision
Summary: Botanists vs. Zombies 2. What plants will zombies use to destroy the future world of mecha football? Die fast_ BaiduLevel 3 Wogua and a big movePlants vs. Zombies 2. What are the most difficult zombie
Botanists vs. Zombies 2. What plants will zombies use to destroy the future world of mecha football? Die fast_ Baidu
Level 3 Wogua and a big move
Plants vs. Zombies 2. What are the most difficult zombies to share
Plants vs. Zombies 2 what are the difficult zombies? 1. robot football zombie. Stunt: push your plants back until they are pushed out of the screen. Skill: if the robot football zombie comes and there are plants in front of him, either shovel the plants and then attack with fire, or use the pulse yellow peach to hold it and then attack with fire. (I recommend the second one
Is the Zombie's blood thick in mecha roadblocks or in mecha Rugby
In the international version, the thickness is the same. If you use a cherry bomb to blow up the two zombies, and then use five peas each, you can break the mecha. The landlord can try it
What plants are zombies afraid of
The robot football zombie is a disgusting zombie. It can push your plants backward, and the plants iRed eye mecha football  and a big moven the last row will be directly pushed out. Moreover, it has very high physical strength, so it is a very powerful zombie. The specific playing method is to use the charged grapefruit, which has a high attack power. It can be killed with frozen lettuce and pulse yellow peach, if possiblePlants vs. Zombies 2 how to pass the 26th level of the future world
Introduction to the future world level of plant 2: the choice of plants is as follows: energy flower, (energy flower) transformed into eggplant, potato Lei, caiwen, Wogua, pulse yellow peach, clover and ice watermelon. (all plants are at least level 2 or above) those who have played solar storm must be familiar with this level. You can collect the sun when it falls to the ground. IfPlants vs. Zombies 2 what happens when a football zombie encounters a holographic wall (holographic nut trick)_ Hundred
1. It will not disappear automatically after a long time. Unless, of course, zombies chew it off. After being chewed off, it will recover by itself. If it is equipped with a medicine box pendant, its self recovery will be accelerated. After being chewed off, its base can still be seenHow many HP are plants vs zombies 2, robot football, disco 300, robot roadblock and knight respectively_ Hundred
According to the actual measurement, 4 rounds of prismatic grass attack can not kill him, so the HP is greater than 2200. According to the test of ground stab and dragon grass, it is about 2250 to 2400. Generally, plants can not be killed at one time. It is necessary to use charged grapefruit to kill him effectivelyHow to fight giant zombies of plants versus zombies
This is "rampant gagantel" which is twice as much as ordinary gagantel! Need 3-4 Wogua, cherry bomb, corn cob, potato thunder, hot pepper, destroy mushroom. (half of the HP will be thrown at the imp zombie, not near home.) the HP is twice that of an ordinary giant, and all other attributes are equal to giant zombies, anyPlants vs. Zombies 2 what zombies are there in the future world
The electromagnetic shield not only gives it all-round protection, but also releases a large range of protective cover centered on the electromagnetic shield zombies, temporarily helping the zombies around to resist the attacks of plant warriors. Since the electromagnetic shield zombies are also equipped with tracksPlants vs. Zombies II what is the weakness of zombies in the future Rugby World
Weakness: only thrust, wood has attack power. Solution: 1 The pulse yellow peach is fixed, and then attacks violently; 2. big move; 3. second kill plants
Red eye mecha football and a big move

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